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Hope For Today Bible Bonded Leather Black - NLT

Precio: $43.90
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ISBN:: 9781416599890
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Casa Editorial: Simon and Schuster
Numero de Paginas: 1536
Peso: 2.3 lb
Autor: Joel Osteen & Victoria Osteen

It is the very character and essence of God in written form. As you study the Scriptures with an alert mind and a receptive heart, you will be strengthened, empowered, and filled with the hope that comes through a loving and growing relationship with Jesus Christ. We are who the Bible says we are, we can have what it says we can have, and we can do all that it promises we can do.

This Bible is presented in the New Living Translation, which combines phenomenal scholarship and textual accuracy with clear, easy to understand contemporary language. The Bible will come alive and become clear like never before.


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